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"I first met Maria D'Andrea at a book signing at Stony Brook University about two years ago."(about her books)" She gave a presentation on metaphysics, and how we may apply this science to our everyday lives. I was quite fascinated with Maria and her work, and invited her back to Stony Brook as a guest speaker for Women's History Month. It was our good fortune, she accepted.
Maria has genuine warmth, is very personable, and relates well to everyone in an audience. The lecture she presented for Women's History Month was unique, and geared toward the students. She explained the science of her field, and gave the students simple study guides to get them through the arduous work ahead of them. Maria also gave them tips for their all important job interviews. The students were very impressed, and asked her many questions concerning her background, and how she uses her craft to help people.
I have great respect for Maria and feel that she is a special person who has come into my life. She has many talents, and is so willing to share them with friends, family and the public. Maria D'Andrea is truly a wonderful person, and we can all benefit from her books, and the classes she teaches". Colleen Wallahora - Assistant to the Chair, Women's Studies - Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, N.Y.

"I wanted to thank you for the Reading you gave me on Monday. You've been a special "light" in my life that has guided me through some dark places. Last year when I was in crisis you gave me a Reading that brought me to myself-my true feelings.-You are a remarkable person. I cherish the connection and TRUTH you've brought to my eyes & heart. Thanks for being there and helping me so meaningfully. You're a spiritual therapist/psychic. You're wonderful. Thanks." Lynn N - Bainbridge,N.Y.

"I wanted to drop you a note to thank-you for all your help promoting The Gatsby on Psychic Night on Tuesdays. Your marketing techniques and networking have helped to make it a huge success." John Estevez, General Manager, The Gatsby - Long Island, NY

"This is the first chance I've had to thank you for helping me. I have been saying your prayers every day for five minutes and concentrating very hard that the good will come into my life and help my children. I feel we will win because you are helping us and you are with God! You are a wonderful human being and I will never forget your kindness." AS - Oneonta, N.Y.

" A note to tell you I enjoyed your writing on The Power of Belief in "Inner Light" no. 11. The truth about simple belief was well put and I admire your ability to tell it in a way that stands out above so much of what else is written. Thank you for the clear message." RJW---S. Burlington, VT

"On behalf of the campus community, I would like to sincerely thank you for sharing your expertise, time, and information with all of us at our annual Spring Health Fair. Your contribution to this event has continued to make this a successful interactive promotion of health and wellness on our college campus. We hope to see you again next April. Until then, have a wonderful year." C Heller - Director, Student Health Services, L.I. University-Southampton College - N.Y.

"I have read your book "Psychic Vibrations of Crystals, Gems and Stones". I have really enjoyed it. Thanking you so very much." C.O. - Brisbane,Australia

"A few years ago, I bought the book "Psychic Vibrations of Crystals, Gems and Stones" through Ixxx Lxxx Pubxxx. I must tell you that I am AMAZED with such a interesting publication, sincerely, I have never read before, something llike that, is so clear and concise and easy to understand. My Congratulations in Capital letters." M.M. - Blacksburg, SC

"I am very much pleased to acknowledge receipt of your impressive letter which gives me very great pleasure. The letter is just like a sea breeze to my restless heart. I have continuously seen the power of your prayer." P.A.O. - Ibadan, Nigeria,Africa

"Having just read your column in UFO Universe , I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciated both that article and your recent book on crystals and gemstones" K.O. - Wilmington, DE

"Thank you Maria for saving me time and money. While shopping for a new car, I found two that I liked. I called Maria and asked her which one would serve me best. She recommended my first choice because the second one was going to have big mechanical problems down the line. She further narrowed my search by helping me select the right dealership to go to. Choosing the one that would save me the most money and give me the least aggravation. She was right, in both cases." P.S - Queens, N.Y.

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