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The Ghost Research Society | Courtesy of Dale Kaczmarek, GRS President
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"Dear friends,
Good day, this is real. All my life I had been plagued by bad luck. I go to casinos, bingo, and other games. I try things like charm necklaces for luck and other things that only work for a while and then stop. But that changes when I buy the book "Instant money empowerment" by Rev. Maria D'Andrea. My luck changes for the better. Any money machine that I play, the machine keeps rolling out money over and over, that I leave the games of chance with thousands of dollars and feeling good, believe me it works, bye good luck." — J. Martin, Jamaica

"Dear Rev. Maria,
On behalf of the Long Island Dowsers, I would like to sincerely thank you for the interesting, informative, and easy to comprehend interactive workshop you conducted with our members on Oct. 18, 2009.
Your insights, teaching ability and positive presence all contributed to this outstanding experience. All levels of dowsers present, from the novices to the most experienced, found your presentation, "Dowsing Without Tools", worthwhile and valuable.
We truly appreciate that you shared your expertise with us, your preparation and your kind friendship." — R.Haigh,President, L.I. Dowsers

"Rev.Maria D'Andrea is one of the important Spiritual Leaders of our time in this millennium. Don't miss her events. You'll be sure to reach greater heights and gain great success in your life." — Francis E. Revels-Bey, Founder of Circle of Grace 1 - N.J.

"I have had the pleasure of associating myself with Reverend Maria D'Andrea as both a good friend and a psychic counselor since the mid 1980's. She is a very charming lady who is a credit to the psychic profession.
I have found her predictions, from Readings she has done for me, very useful in helping me choose the proper course in my life. Her degree of accuracy has been outstanding. Many of my friends who have had Readings done by Maria have also marveled at her abilities.
It is both a pleasure and a privilege for me to know such a gifted lady." — Robert W. Krachenfels Jr. - New Hyde Park, N.Y.

"Maria D'Andrea has spoken at the Long Island Society of Dowsers on two occasions. The information was clear, her presentation entertaining and the information pertinent to handling situations in our daily life. Maria taught us techniques for map dowsing, and how to locate low energy areas in our home. Several of our members who are new to dowsing received excellent tips to help them succeed." — MPC - Secretary, Long Island Society of Dowsers

"Maria D'Andrea has taken manifestation of one's intentions to new heights. Maria D'Andrea has helped me prosper in every level of my life. Her Dynamic way of teaching Spirituality will change the way you live forever." — William Phillip - Loganville, GA

"I really enjoyed reading your article in the Alternative newspaper recently. I've been saying the prayer you suggested we pray every day. I was always depressed and very unhappy until I read your article. Now I feel a lot better about myself and my future." ALS - Concord, N.C.

"I am pleased that you have had  good response from our readers on your articles. We obviously made the right decision when we decided to run the articles you send. We found your sincerity refreshing. -As always, we appreciate the contributions you make to the Psychic Press through your articles. And it is always nice to hear from you." H -Franklin, N.C.

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