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Chinese Qi Gong (Er Mei Therapy)
Healing Techniques as practiced typically in China

Maria has studied this ancient healing technique with Master Fu Wei Zghong during his 1995 visit to New York. He is the Thirteenth Patriarch of the Er Mei Sudden Enlightenment School.

The Er Mei Sudden Enlightenment School was founded in 1227 AD. by a Shaman Daoist Master who went to the top of Er Mei Mountain and became an enlightened being. As Abbot of the Golden Summit Monastary, he unified the essence of Buddhism, Taoism, Shamanism, Confucism, Internal Alchemy, Qi Gong, Traditional Medicine, Acupuncture and Martial Arts, into one system.

Spiritual Healing

As a Healing Minister, Maria worked with various healing techniques since 1982. Spiritual healing is one of many methods of scanning the auric field for weak spots. Maria can neutralize, balance and energize that same area with more positive energy and to enhance one’s well being. Maria also uses her own exclusive method, developed over a lifetime of helping others to heal.
This system has been passed down and refined through thirteen lineage holders. It is a healing system based on empowerment that is recognized in China with the same regard that medical doctors are recognized in the United States.

As a Practitioner of Er Mei, Maria may be able to help you to experience the sense of health, healing and revitalization that others have through Er Mei.

FYI: To arrange for your consultation with Maria, call her at (631) 559-1248. Money Order, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal are accepted for payment of services and products. For more info on contacting Maria, please click here.
Maria D'Andrea Who is Maria D'Andrea?


Professionals in the corporate arena continue to seek her for her spiritual input in their business affairs, just as lay persons and entrepreneurs have sought after her wisdom.

A well know Spiritual and Prosperity Leader, born in Budapest, Hungary has been in the psychic/metaphysical fields throughout her life and professionally since the late 1960’s. She has been the owner of a successful catalog company, started her own Psychic Fairs, and run several businesses for herself as well as others. She is a professional psychic, author, Healing Minister, hypnotherapist, freelance writer, Psychic and Spiritual Development teacher and shaman, among other abilities.

She has been a guest speaker and lecturer at various organizations throughout the country. She is the founder of The Sylvan Society and The Psi Esoteric Guild. Maria is listed in a number of directories and books. Her long list of accomplishments include being the author of eight books, appearances on television, radio and both satellite and cable broadcasts, numerous published articles and poems, has worked as an assistant editor and is a member of the press.

She has shared her knowledge through lectures, seminars, workshops and classes internationally. There isn’t an industry, business or person that wouldn’t benefit from Maria’s expertise. There are many ways you can grow and be prosperous. You will get information that you cannot get anywhere else.

DO NOT WAIT! Even one day can make a difference to you and your business!

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