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Maria D'Andrea

More Life | More Love | More Money

Learn how to direct your own life.  Control your destiny and have the full support of an experienced Spiritual Life Coach to help you.

If you are really ready to commit to a life of abundance, you are ready for abundance life coaching. I can't tell you if you are ready for more of what you want in life, and I can't tell you what you should want, but I can tell you what is possible!

I want to personally talk to you about your goals and fears, life and loves, triumphs and disappointments, and guide you to where you were meant to be.

Wishing you abundance and good things as you read this. Call me directly to talk about you. Click here now to contact me today!

Love & Light,
Maria D'Andrea
Maria D'Andrea

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All classes require pre-registration with a deposit of $10.00. Workshops may require a larger deposit. Deposits may be paid with Money Order, PayPal or any major Credit Card through PayPal. If a class has to be cancelled, those registered will be notified and their deposit will be refunded.

If you have a change in plans, please cancel 3 days prior to the date of class. Deposit refunds will not be given to no-shows or cancellations less than 3 days before the class. We all work together to create a better life and world.
Maria D'Andrea About Your Spiritual Life Coach


I’d like to share with you a service I am very happy to be offering. It is called "Spiritual Life Coaching." A life coach can help you tap your own deep resources to experience greater abundance, security, clarity, support and happiness.

As your Spiritual Life Coach, I can assist you with: Also, I can help you simplify and organize your thought processes, your home, your workplace or any other area in your life where you feel stuck or frustrated.

I can empower and equip you to attract abundance in all life areas. Because I have been doing healing, spiritual and transformational work in both European and Western modalities since the 1960’s, I have a great deal of experience in helping people improve their overall happiness. Spiritual Life Coaching allows me to work more closely with people to assist them in achieving whatever they want in their lives.

I have been blessed with many abilities – emotional, spiritual, metaphysical, shamanic and psychic – that I bring to bear in my coaching work to help release the deepest levels of blockage from within you. Blockage stems from negative beliefs. Beyond negative beliefs lie both positive and negative emotions, and many people become attached to these deep-seated emotions.

These positive and negative emotions can hold a person back from achieving success. Through working with me as your Spiritual Life Coach, you will break free from internal blockages and learn to access your limitless internal resources.

I am very confident that as we work together, you will experience deep transformations on many levels. Usually, coaching involves a 45 minute weekly telephone meeting, though face-to-face meetings are also possible. The first session is longer. Coaching work is highly individualized and extremely case-specific. I believe that your commitment to helping yourself is important. Generally speaking, the recommended time is a minimum of 12 weeks coaching.

My extensive spiritual background and several decades of experience working as a healer combined with ancient, as well as, cutting edge methods and techniques enables my style of spiritual life coaching to create very deep changes within my clients.

Now is your time to take action to achieve abundance and happiness.Call me directly to talk about you. Click here now to contact me today!

May God Bless You Abundantly,
Maria D'Andrea